The Foundation in brief

The Croatian Statehood Foundation was established in October 1995, and it commenced operating in April 1996. As such, we are the first political foundation of this type in Croatia. The Foundation’s Trustee is the Croatian Democratic Union, and the Trustee is represented by the Central Committee of the Croatian Democratic Union. The Croatian Statehood Foundation has its registered head office in Zagreb, and it is administered, based on the Trustee’s decision, by the Foundation Board and the Director General. The Foundation’s Director General is, according to a decision made by the Founder on 16 May 2006, Mr. Sreæko Pusina.

The Trustee is represented by the chairman of the Croatian Democratic Union, Tomislav Karamarko.

Our mission

The Foundation’s mission is to become a centre of excellence for political education and political consultation, operating on the basis of Christian democratic principles. Since the political doctrine of Christian democracy largely centres on Christian social teaching, our principles focus on the individual and the dignity of all individuals. With reference to Christian social teaching, the fundamental values of the Croatian Statehood Foundation rest on social justice for the political community, which ultimately exists on behalf of the greater good, so the Foundation’s core task is to engender political education with a commitment to peace, freedom and justice both at home and abroad.

Our objective

The Foundation’s objective is to contribute to strengthening political culture, the culture of dialogue, and to support the development and enhancement of democratic society and the rule of law, and a socially-conscious market economy so that democracy may be reinforced, for the meaning of democracy is human dignity and freedom.


The Foundation works toward the achievement of its objectives by organizing seminars, round table lectures and conferences. In this vein, the Foundation has held seminars dealing with political communication, EU accession and a number of economic themes. The Foundation dedicates particular attention to work with the youth, because young people are Croatia’s future.

Cooperation with other foundations

The Foundation implements cooperation projects with foundations and political academies in other countries in order to exchange the positive experiences of developed democracies. The Foundation has engaged in particularly fruitful cooperation with the respected Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung of Germany, which has its own office in Zagreb. The first joint project was held in October 2006, with a seminar on “Political Analysis and Political Communication”, and it continued with a series of workshops, lectures, round tables and conferences throughout Croatia, which gathered a broad circle of participants from the fields of scholarship, law, business and political life in Croatia.

Our symbol

This section of the old Croatian lattice design that we have chosen as our symbol is from one of five epigraphic monuments found in the core territory of the medieval Croatian state. This particular monument mentions the Croatian Prince Branimir, and it was in this period that the Croatian name was first mentioned in a stone inscription: Branimiro comes … dux croatorum cogitavit – “Duke Branimir … Prince of the Croats intended…”

It dates back to the time when the young Croatian principality first secured international recognition – in Rome on 21 May 879 – by Pope John VIII, which, according to the international law of the time, and in line with the notion of papal universalism and the papal entitlement to recognize the legality of authority and rulers, signified the recognition of Branimir as legal ruler, and Croatia as an independent state.

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